Military Gravestone Coins: Honoring the Legacy of our Brave Soldiers

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The service of soldiers is invaluable and deserves to be recognized and remembered. One of the ways to honor the legacy of our brave soldiers is through military gravestone coins. These coins are small, coin-like medallions that are placed on military gravestones as a sign of respect and remembrance. In this article, we will delve deeper into the history and significance of military gravestone coins.

History of Military Gravestone Coins

The tradition of military gravestone coins can be traced back to the ancient Romans. They believed that when someone died, their spirit would need to pay a toll to cross the river that separated the world of the living and the dead. The family of the deceased would place a coin in the mouth of the deceased before burial to ensure that their spirit could pay the toll. This tradition was carried forward to modern times with military gravestone coins.

During World War I, soldiers carried a coin with them as a lucky charm. These coins were called “challenge coins” and were made of metal with insignia or other symbols on them. If a soldier was challenged, they would have to produce their coin to prove that they were part of a specific unit or group. If they couldn’t produce their coin, they would have to buy drinks for the challenger and their friends. This tradition is still carried forward in some military units.

Significance of Military Gravestone Coins

Military gravestone coins hold great significance in honoring the legacy of our brave soldiers. They serve as a symbol of respect, appreciation, and remembrance for their service and sacrifice. The coins are typically placed on military graves during funerals or memorial services.

The design of military gravestone coins is often personalized to reflect the individual’s service and achievements. They may feature a branch of the military, rank, or other symbols that represent the individual’s service. The coins are also made of durable materials, such as bronze or copper, to ensure that they last for many years.

The process of placing military gravestone coins on graves is typically done by a military honor guard. The honor guard performs a solemn ceremony that includes the folding of the American flag, the playing of Taps, and the presentation of the coin. This ceremony is a final tribute to the soldier and their service to our country.


Military gravestone coins are a symbol of respect and remembrance for the brave soldiers who have served our country. The tradition of military gravestone coins has been carried forward from ancient times to modern times, and it continues to hold great significance. The personalized design and durable materials used in creating these coins ensure that they will last for many years. The solemn ceremony performed by the military honor guard during the placement of the coin is a final tribute to the soldier and their service to our country.

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